Slonim Woods 9: A Memoir by Daniel Barban Levin

Slonim Woods 9: A Memoir by Daniel Barban Levin available for pre-order


“Daniel Barban Levin’s courageous and honest memoir exposes the evil nature of manipulation and the near impossibility of escape, and his writing reminds us that honesty is the only tool to destroy these monsters. Levin offers us a way out, but only if we have the courage to follow him. This is an extraordinary story of entrapment, determination, and escape.” —Eric Fair, author of Consequence
“This harrowing memoir not only recounts what happened from the observant, insightful poet who lived through it, but also explores the how and why. It’s a moving, lucid testimony, as much about the abuse of power as it is about the power of storytelling.” —Grace Talusan, author of The Body Papers
“A deeply honest and viscerally lyrical descent into the self, Levin’s book shines a fluorescent light of masterful, sharp prose on the twisted depths of trauma, and takes our hand as we bear witness to the profane, the absurd, the banal, and the violent, so that we don’t have to navigate that horror alone, as he once did.” —Matt Young, author of Eat the Apple
“With fascinating detail, Slonim Woods 9 takes us on a tour of the lower depths of human vulnerability and manipulation. Levin’s vivid storytelling and poetic sense make it a great read, without ever upstaging its commitment to the slippery, open-ended process of self-discovery and healing.” —Amy Gerstler, author of Scattered at Sea
“In devastating and unforgettable ways, Levin renders trauma into language. Maybe most shocking of all is the beauty of his account—the tenderness of a survivor reaching toward those who are still trapped inside.” —Rebecca Sacks, author of City of a Thousand Gates